People don’t dislike him just because he is a Christian, people dislike him because he is an obnoxious ass who uses his position of fame to showcase frequent, mindless, displays of his religion, where none are needed or even really appropriate.

This is what Christians don’t seem to understand. Not everybody buys your particular flavor of nonsense, and not everybody wants it crammed down their throats. There is an appropriate time and a place for everything, and the list of appropriate times and places for religious displays are much smaller than you believe. Being notified of that fact, and having people who disapprove of obnoxious displays of your religion, is not persecution of Christianity. It is an entirely appropriate response to your wrongdoings.

I realize that they are trained to be oblivious to this fact. Back when I was a Christian, I was taught by the evangelical pastor at my Southern Baptist Church, to believe that everyone, everywhere, without exception and regardless of their stated desires and beliefs needs and wants Jesus. Thus, no matter what protests you hear, you should plug Jesus at every given opportunity to everyone everywhere. I was also taught that atheists really do believe in Yahweh,  but for whatever reason (pride, arrogance, or they were abused, etc) they will deny it, and that it was super-duper important to display your faith to them.

As an atheist, I can honestly say, I do not believe in any gods. Yes, that includes Yahweh and Jesus. I am not interested in solicitations for your religion, nor would I like you to make an effort to turn random, secular activities into commercials for your imaginary friends.