I can’t take them seriously. Every time I read one, some feminist writes a post, then in the comment section, someone asks for an argument made in the post to be clarified, or dissents from the argument in the post.

Then there is this belittling shitstorm, wherein the dissenter is called a “mansplainer” (which so far as I can tell, means someone who disagrees with the post, and has a penis), and/or a sexist, and/or a “rape apologist”. If their comment asks how x-random poorly-conceived feminist idea will effect men, they can expect to have their arguments condescendingly summed up as being “what about teh menz?!?!111”, because, you know, it’s totally silly to wonder how an idea will effect half of the population of the planet.

The really funny, and ironic thing about this behavior, is that the feminists themselves are assuming that anyone who disagrees with them, without stating their gender, is by default male. Hooray for hypocrisy! Hooray for assumed gender roles!

Does anyone know of any feminist blogs I can read, which won’t just be dedicated to telling me that I’m evil because I’m white, male, straight, married, college educated and have money? Does anyone know of any that I could go to, to have a discussion without just being flamed for pages because I asked someone to explain their idea, rather than just accepting it wholesale, instantaneously?