This article makes my head want to explode. Kid ‘A’ gets molested, and probably raped by the assistant of heroic football coach Joe Paterno. JoePa knows that his assistant is a scumfuck who is molesting kids, and knows about it for years. He allegedly tells some higher-ups at his university about the whole child rape incident, and then doesn’t think to do anything else, when they apparently do nothing. The child-molesting story erupts onto the national spotlight. Hero coach JoePa, quits his job in shame. Retards riot in the streets about how Penn State football is OVER and ignore all of the raped children. Kid ‘A’ attempts to move on with his life, and gets bullied to pieces in his senior year of high school. Why? Because when he was 12, JoePa’s scumfuck assistant raped him and JoePa quit when he was revealed to be a child rape enabling asshat. He’s being bullied because a man who covered for his rapist for years, is retiring a few years early into his million dollar cloud. The bullies (and society in general it seems) have no empathy for the kid who got raped. They just want their football hero to keep coaching his team. So what if the tribute to the football god is a few young boys? JoePa should not have just “quit”. HE SHOULD BE IN PRISON FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE. He’s 84, so I don’t imagine it would take long.

Here’s my question for the retards defending Joe Paterno with the “He did what he could” line of nonsense. Wouldn’t a reasonable person be at least a little suspicious when, you know, no police came for the child rapist? Wouldn’t that necessitate further action on his part? Clearly his superiors did nothing, time to go to the cops on your own.

The reactions to the article in the comment section were pretty par for the course for Fox News. I saw four major responses:

1. People who feel bad for the kid who got raped.

These people are cool. I have no beef with them.

2. People claiming that the “real” bullying victim, was Penn State, because it lost it’s football coach over the public outcry from that tiny little child rape problem they had.

Kill yourselves.

3. Republicans somehow trying to blame this on unions?

I do not understand your strange interpretation of these events. Were the unions responsible for the rape, or the bullying, or both and how? I’m all for using tragedy to score some cheap points against adversaries, political or otherwise, but this talking point just seems incoherent.

4. People saying that they will “pray for Penn State”

How about instead of having a conference call for your imaginary friend, you actually do something. Work to have the people who are responsible for these child rapes thrown in prison. Not just the rapist himself, but also ALL of the people who knew about it for a long time, and did not tell the police.